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If you’re missing one or more teeth perhaps you have stopped:

  • Sharing smiles, laughs, even jokes with friends

  • Enjoying social occasions and meals with company

  • Feeling passionate about work and new opportunities

Missing teeth can lead to more health problems in your mouth and throughout your body. Dental implants offer a tremendous advantage. Implants mimic the form and function of your natural teeth providing a long-lasting, cost-efficient, permanent solution.

At Lawson Dental, Dr. Lawson can help restore the health and appearance of your smile so you can enjoy meals again, speak to others without embarrassment or worry, and share kindness with your beautifully natural smile.

Absolutely positive in all ways. I’ve been seeing Lawson Dental in Bozeman for over two decades and have been totally satisfied. Oral hygiene, fillings, extractions and crowns; I’ve had them all with consistent good results.
— Kenneth H.

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Expert Smile Care

Whether your case is simple or highly complex, Dr. Lawson can meet your needs. He has over 25 years experience in implant and aesthetic dentistry, and since graduating from dental school, has consistently invested in maintaining his dental knowledge by attending continuing education courses all over the United States. He uses the latest techniques, equipment and procedures, so rest assured that Dr. Lawson and his team will help provide you a smile that restores your confidence and appeal.