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Sedation Dentistry

Many people feel anxious before and during dental procedures. It's okay to feel nervous or even fearful when anticipating an appointment. We understand that our patients aren’t all the same, and we have great news: you have options! You can experience dental treatment in a comfortable, customized approach with several different methods of sedation.

The most common forms of sedation used in dentistry are inhalation, oral and I.V. sedation. Each form of sedation has pluses and minuses and we will work together to find the best route for you. No matter the form of sedation used, we will also numb the teeth after you are well sedated. This is a great benefit for patients who have a fear of needles and just want to wake-up and find their dental treatment “done”. Dr. Lawson is licensed through the state of Montana to provide moderate IV sedation and has been safely practicing this form of sedation dentistry for over ten years. 


Anxiety prevents up to 50% of the population from getting needed dental care. Simple oral medications taken shortly before an appointment can take the edge off, removing the barrier to a healthier you.

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Sometimes anxiety about dental treatment keeps treatment from being completed, leading to further problems. If nearly falling asleep during treatment and waking up at the end would make it possible, then IV sedation might work for you.

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