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If your wisdom teeth are causing you problems or x-rays have shown they are at risk of causing future issues, it is time to consider removing them. 

wisdom teeth REMOVAL is quick, easy and can prevent problems including:

  • Damage to other teeth: Having extra molars can push other teeth and cause pain and/or bite problems.

  • Sinus issues: Wisdom teeth can create sinus pain, pressure, and congestion.

  • Inflamed Gums: The tissue around emerging wisdom teeth can be hard to clean and can cause health issues.

  • Cavities: Swollen gums around wisdom teeth can create pockets for bacteria to grow in.

  • Alignment: Impacted wisdom teeth can cause crowding of other teeth.

At Lawson Dental, Dr. Lawson uses his expertise and experience to remove problematic wisdom teeth. We offer both  oral and  IV sedation to make your visit as comfortable and painless as possible. Call or book online for your consultation. 

Absolutely positive in all ways. I’ve been seeing Lawson Dental in Bozeman for over two decades and have been totally satisfied. Oral hygiene, fillings, extractions and crowns; I’ve had them all with consistent good results.
— Kenneth H.

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Whether your case is simple or highly complex, Dr. Lawson can meet your needs. He has over 25 years experience in implant and aesthetic dentistry, and since graduating from dental school, has consistently invested in maintaining his dental knowledge by attending continuing education courses across the United States. He uses the latest techniques, equipment and procedures, so rest assured that Dr. Lawson and his team will help provide you a smile that restores your confidence and appeal.